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by Michelle Shepherd on 11/21/11

It is better to discipline the thoughts of the mind than the body.  If you are able to discipline the mind, everything else will follow.

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1. Victor Torres said on 11/22/11 - 01:20PM
Hey Michelle I'm proud of you for getting your website started and you look fantastic and beautiful as ever in your pictures! I believe you will help many people in your new endeavors. I pray God's blessings over you and wish you much success. I still think you have a book inside you that will bless many people. Allow the Lord to lead you so that He can bless the fruit of your labor and the work of your hands. Sincerely, Victor Torres
2. Victor Torres said on 11/25/11 - 08:10PM
Hey Michelle How's it going? Another thought that came to me that would give you more credibility is if you display some of the trophies you've won, especially the 2 World Titles that you've won. Go for it! God bless you! Sincerely, Victor
3. Gwen Pisani said on 4/30/13 - 09:27AM
Hi Michelle!! Your website looks amazing!! Wishing you sooo much luck with your new adventure!! Sprinkling pixe dust too! Hugs!

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